NASCAR Racing, The Space Shuttle, The United States Air Force; Nitrogen has been used for decades where safety matters most.  All tire and

wheel assemblies that are mounted at a Lionshead Tire and Wheel facility, are filled with complementary Nitrogen. Lionshead fills tire and wheel

assemblies with Nitrogen because of the significant quality and safety benefits it provides. Oxygen contains moisture and can cause tires to

deteriorate from the inside out. Our Nitrogen generator takes in air and separates out harmful Oxygen, so that each assembly that comes off a

Lionshead line is filled with 98% Nitrogen. 


Nitrogen Benefits:‚Äč

  • Reduces the chance of tire failure by up to 50%

  • Increases tire life up to 30%

  • Improves fuel economy

  • Improves braking and handling

  • Reduces wheel corrosion

  • Reduces running temperature

  • Maintains proper air pressure


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